Thursday, May 22, 2014

Verifying that materials are asbestos free for ships in service

it has been communicated that as from January 01, 2011, for all
ships, new installation of materials which contain asbestos is prohibited. This prohibition has been an
amendment to SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-5 through MSC.282(86). The SOLAS amendment is retroactive
and applies to all types of ships (new and existing ships).
For existing ships in service
The Owners / Operators / Managers must establish written procedures for purchasing and controlling
the supply of asbestos free material and components for repairs, modifications and maintenance.
The procedures may be part of the Safety Management System (SMS) manual and should require
asbestos free verification methods for supplied products.
Act now
Owners / Operators / Managers must submit to Dromon an overall declaration of their ships as per
“Declaration of Conformity #2” attached to this Circular together with the Company’s relevant
internal procedure of asbestos free verification methods for supplied products. Dromon Surveyors must
review this declaration as well as the internal procedure of the Company in the forthcoming safety
management audits irrespective of scope.
In addition, Owners / Operators / Managers shall make available to Dromon Surveyors all asbestos free
declarations for new materials, equipment and components as per “Declaration of Conformity #1” for
each new material / equipment / component installed on board their ships during repairs, modifications
and maintenance. Dromon Surveyor must review this documentation during the forthcoming surveys
for Cargo Ship Safety Construction and Cargo Ship Safety Equipment irrespective of scope. Copies of
these declarations must be submitted to Dromon Head Office.
Regulation Ship Type / GT Date of entry into force
Reg. II-1/3-5 New & Existing CARGO & PASSENGER
ships above 500 GT
1 January 2011