Thursday, January 8, 2015

URGENT Re: WARNING for ships approaching MISURATA / LIBYA


Re: WARNING for ships approaching MISURATA / LIBYA

We have just received the following information via  Lloyd’s broker in London, which is highly relevant should you have any vessels currently in or proceeding to Libyan waters and most specifically proceeding to/from Misurata.

“The Libyan Air Force, of the only internationally recognised government in Libya, threatened yesterday to strike with its jets at any ships approaching the port of the city of Misrata - Libya Herald
In a stern warning reported by LANA, the Commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Saqr Al-Jaroushi, said that ‘’any vessel or cargo ship approaching the port of Misrata would be targeted directly and immediately’’ as of Friday 9 January.
The warning follows the announcement on Monday that the LNA has received 4 new Russian-made Sukhoi SU-27 fighter jets reportedly capable of covering a distance of 3,530 km with a top speed of 2,500 kmh. In comparison, commercial passenger flights from Tripoli to Benghazi, for example, take about an hour to cover the distance.
Meanwhile, in a further development, the LNA Air Force yesterday threatened to shoot down any Sudanese or Turkish aircraft, military or civilian, that enters Libyan airspace. Turkish airline flights to Libya have been, and are still suspended until further notice.
The warning by the LNA Air Force to strike at any shipping approaching the port of Misrata comes also days after the LNA Air Force had on Sunday struck a Greek-operated oil tanker approaching Derna port in which a Greek and a Romanian were killed.”