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1. The term “Agreement” refers to the contract and/or agreements between the
Shipyard and the Customer for the provision of shiprepair / conversion services and
which the conditions stated herein form an integral part. The Customer in giving the
order to the Shipyard for the Work shall be deemed to have agreed to the conditions
stated herein unless otherwise expressed in writing by the Customer and agreed by
the Shipyard. The term “Shipyard” means PT. MARCOPOLO SHIPYARD and/or BINA
MARINE PTE LTD. The term “Customer” means the Owner of the vessel, the employee,
representative or agent of the Owner of the vessel. The term “Sub-contractor”
includes all persons instructed by the Shipyard to do Work, render services or supply
goods pursuant to this Agreement. The term “Work” includes all services rendered and
materials supplied under this Agreement. It is hereby agreed that where the Owner of
the vessel has not directly and/or personally contracted/negotiated with the Shipyard
under this Agreement the Customer irrevocably warrant that all Works to be carried
out under this Agreement together with all terms and conditions of this Agreement
are authorized sanctioned and approved by the Owner of the vessel who agrees to be
bound and to abide by the same.
2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the Customer will pay for the Work in Singapore
currency immediately on completion. Should the sum payable for the work escalate
beyond the initial quoted sum, the Shipyard reserves the right to revise the payment
terms as it deems fit. The Customer shall pay for the Work free of all taxes, bank
charges, exchange control regulations and in Singapore currency. The Shipyard will be
entitled to retain and refuse to release the vessel unless the Customer has paid for the
Work in full. It is hereby agreed that the Shipyard’s docking and/or wharfage charges
and all other incident / ancillary expenses and charges incurred by the Shipyard in
retaining possession of the vessel hereunder shall continue to be chargeable and be
treated as part of the Work for so long as the vessel continues to be subjected to the
Shipyard’s lien for unpaid charges. It is further hereby agreed that in the event the
Customer for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, fails to
pay for the Work in full within sixty (60) days of the date of the relevant invoice, the
Shipyard shall be at liberty to sell/dispose of the vessel as it deems fit, in satisfaction
on the amount due. If the net proceeds of sale are insufficient to satisfy the
outstanding amount in full, the Shipyard’s right to recover the balance due from the
Customer shall continue to subsist and is not prejudiced. If the proceeds of sale are
more than the amount outstanding, the balance shall be repaid to the Customer.
Where installment payments or progress payments have been expressly agreed to in
writing, the Shipyard’s lien shall also apply for all sums due and owning thereunder.
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Without prejudice to the foregoing and Clauses 4 and 16, the Shipyard shall also be at
liberty to cease all further Work under the Agreement until all sums due and owning
are fully paid.
If the Customer fails to pay the final invoice amount or any installment payment on the
agreed date, then the whole of the debt shall become immediately due and payable
without demand and any credit or negotiated reduction previously agreed shall be
deemed withdrawn. In addition, the Shipyard reserves the right to commence formal
proceeding to recover all sums due and outstanding including contractual at the rate
of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance and costs on a solicitor and client basis.
Change of Ownership
3. The Customer obliged to immediately notify the Shipyard of any intended change of
the ownership during the performance of the Work and while full payment for the
Work remains outstanding. Should there be an intended change of ownership before
the vessel departs the Shipyard, the whole sum shall become immediately due and
payable and the Customer must make full payment for the Work before vessel
departure. Should there be a change of ownership after vessel’s departure, all debts
shall become immediately due and payable.
Deposit, Advance, Progress Payment
4. The Shipyard shall be at liberty at any time to call the Customer to make advance or
progress payments or deposit such sums or furnish such security as the Shipyard may
require as security for the fulfillment of the Agreement by the Customer and in case
the Customer fails to make such advance payments, progress payments, deposit or
furnish the security the Shipyard shall be at liberty to cancel the Agreement without
any compensation to the Customer and without prejudice to the rights or remedies
available to the Shipyard hereunder. The Shipyard also reserves the right to request
for progress payments based on value of Work done to date. Further, the Shipyard
may at anytime during the course of the Work suspend the Work and shall reserve the
right to cancel the Agreement without prejudice to the Shipyard’s claim for loss or
damage incurred when and if the Customer fails to make such advance or progress
payments, deposit or furnish such security as stipulated above.
5. The Shipyard shall be entitled to charge interest on any sum payable under the
Agreement which is not paid on or before the due date at the rate of 1.5% (one and a
half percent) per month from the due date until the date upon which the payment is
received. All such interest shall accrue on a day-to-day basis and be calculated by the
Shipyard on the basis of 365 days a year. Any payment received from the Customer, if
insufficient to settle in full the principal sum and interest due at the date of receipt of
the said payment from the Customer(s), shall be applied first towards the settlement
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of all interest due and only thereafter, towards the settlement of the principal sum
6. Any objection raised on the amounts charged by the Shipyard must be made by the
Customer in writing and received by the Shipyard’s office within 30 days from the date
of the relevant invoice, failing which the amount charged shall be deemed to have
been accepted by the Customer and no protest / contest thereof shall thereafter be
possible. For avoidance of doubt, it is hereby agreed that nothing in this clause shall
affect the Shipyard’s rights of lien under Clause 7 and the right to retain and refuse to
release the vessel and demand immediate payment in full of all invoiced amounts as
provided in Clause 2, irrespective of whether the Customer has raised any objections
or made any protest to any invoice.
Shipyard’s Lien
7. In addition to any lien to which it may be entitled to by law, the Shipyard will have a
lien on the vessel and all her equipment (whether installed onboard or not), whenever
the same may come into the Shipyard’s possession, for the unpaid cost of work and
additional Work (under Clause 10) on the vessel together with interest accrued (under
clause 5) any other expenses (including but not limited to docking, wharfage,
incidental, ancillary and all other expenses under Clause 11) incurred pursuant to this
Agreement and other outstanding monies due and owning from the Customer to the
Shipyard including monies owing from the Customer for previous projects undertaken
by the Shipyard. It is hereby agreed that any Agreement on the part of the Shipyard to
permit/allow the vessel to leave its yard for any reason whatsoever (including but not
limited to sea trials) shall not prejudice nor be deemed as a waiver of the Shipyard’s
rights hereunder and it is hereby expressly agreed that the Shipyard’s lien hereunder
shall re-attach and apply in the event the vessel returns to the Shipyard’s premises for
any reason whatsoever after leaving the said premises.
Appointment of Sub-Contractors
8. The Shipyard shall have the right to appoint such Sub-contractors as it deems fit or
necessary to carry out any of the Work specified in the Agreement and shall remain
liable to the Customer for the due performance of such Work.
Removals and Renewals
9. Any removals and renewals not mentioned in the quoted Work specifications will be
treated as extra items and charged accordingly. The removals will be replaced as
before as reasonably possible.
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Additional Work

10. Should any change in the specification and/or additional Work be required, the
Customer shall give the Shipyard sufficient notice and instruction of the changes or
additional Work required. Such notice and instructions given by a representative of the
Customer shall be deemed valid and compensated in accordance with agreed or
reasonable terms. If the Shipyard as its options is agreeable to effecting the said
changes or additional Work, the contractual price and time required for the Work shall
be adjusted accordingly by the Shipyards. If extra costs are incurred by the Shipyard
due to suspension of the Work caused by delay or lack of the Customer’s decision on
the changes and/or additional Work, such extra costs, including but not limited to the
cost and expenses for keeping the labour idle, shall be paid for by the Customer.
Expenses Incurred at Customer’s Requests
11. Any costs incurred by the Shipyard at the Customer’s request for tugs, pilotage,
transportation, harbor dues, cranage, cash disbursement and all other such
miscellaneous expenses shall be reimbursed to the Shipyard before re-delivery of the
vessel to the Customer.
Inspection and Acceptance of Work, Notification of Defects
12. The Work shall be opened to inspection by the Customer or his representatives at all
reasonable times with prior reasonable notice and any claims for defects in
workmanship or material shall be made in writing before the vessel is removed from
the Shipyard’s dock or premises or if the vessel was not at the Shipyard’s docks or
premises before withdrawal of the Shipyard’s workmen from the vessel. The Shipyard
will replace, at its own cost, any defective Work or materials, which can be proven to
be defective and which is communicated in writing as aforesaid or at its option, pay a
sum equal to the cost of such replacement of its own work. The removal of the vessel
by the Customer or his representatives at the completion of the Work or withdrawal of
the Shipyard’s workmen without any such claim being first made shall be deemed to
and constitute an unconditional and complete acceptable of the Work done thereon
and shall terminate all responsibility of the Shipyard for claims of any kind whatsoever
including but not limited to damages arising out of or connected with the
reconstruction, reconversion, refit, and repair and/or docking of the vessel.
Limits on Shipyard’s Liability
Maximum Liability
13a. Without prejudice to the generality of any of the foregoing clauses, the total liability of
the Shipyard as a ship repairer to the customer under the Agreement shall in any event
be limited to the Sum of the Singapore dollars two millions in the aggregate.
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Consequential Loss
13b. In no circumstances shall the Shipyard’s liability to the Customer include any sum in
respect of loss of hire, profit, use or business, or any similar direct, indirect or
consequential loss, damage or expense arising out of or in connection with this
Liability to Cease on Delivery
13c. All liability of every kind of the Shipyard shall cease on the redelivery of the vessel to
the Customer or if the vessel was not in the Shipyard’s possession the withdrawal from
the vessel of the Shipyard’s workmen, whichever is earlier.
13d. Any trials or movements of the vessel shall be at the Customer’s sole and exclusive risk
in every respect and the Shipyard shall not be under any responsibility or liability
whatsoever to the Customer for any act of default, damage loss, or expense in or
arising out of such trials movement.
Cessation of Liability after Completion
13e. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Shipyard shall not be liable for
any loss or damage occurring during the period when the vessels or her part(s) remain
in the Shipyard’s premises after completion of the Work whether because any
payment due by the Customer under this Agreement has not been paid or for any
other reason whatsoever nor shall the Shipyard be liable for any loss or damage
sustained by the Customer resulting from cancellation or suspension of Work as
provided for in Clauses 2, 4, and 16 hereof or the Shipyard’s exercise of its right of
retention or lien on the vessel.
Statutory Limitation of Liability
13f. Nothing herein contained shall affect anything which the Shipyard may have to limits its
liability under any statutory enactment for the time being in force.
Liability Loss and Damage
Force Majeure and Consequences beyond Control of Shipyard
14. The Shipyard shall not be responsible for the consequences of Acts of God, war, state
of emergencies, strikes, lockout, riot, civil commotion, sabotages, labour shortages and
disturbances (whether or not the Shipyard be a party thereto), governmental
restrictions, utilities shortage or failure, malicious damage, fire, accidents, floods,
earthquakes, natural disasters, epidemics, weather conditions not included in normal
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planning, explosion, collision, delay in transportation, shortage of the material,
mishaps of casings and forgings, or anything done in contemplation or furtherance
thereof or for factors occasioning delay of any description whether similar to the
foregoing or not, or due to other causes which are beyond the control of the Shipyard
or its vendors. Upon the occurrence of any of the events stated herein, the date of
completion of the Work and redelivery of the vessel shall be postponed for a period of
time which shall not exceed the total accumulated time of all such delays.
If the total accumulated time of all delays on account of the causes specified herein
amounts to 90 days or more, then, in such event, the Shipyard may rescind this
Agreement forthwith or may choose to remove the vessel or reschedule the Work and
shall be at liberty to issue invoices for such sums due and owing from the Customer for
Work carried out up to the date of such recession removal or re-scheduling.
The Shipyard shall have the right to claim an additional day to complete the Work, for
each day of rain that lasts continuously for more than 2 hours or if it rains for a total 4
hours or more during the course of the day.
Vessel at Risk of Customer, Delivery, Redelivery
15. The vessel shall be at the sole and exclusive risk of the Customer during the currency
of the Agreement. The Customer shall, unless otherwise expressly agreed, deliver the
vessel at the Shipyard’s premises on the agreed delivery date. Upon completion of the
Work, the Customer shall take delivery of the vessel from the Shipyard’s premises
within 24 hours hereof, after which the Customer will be liable to pay reasonable
wharfage, services and all other incidental and ancillary charges calculated daily at the
Shipyard’s full tariff rates. Alternatively, the Shipyard shall be entitled to remove the
vessel from the Shipyard’s premises at the risk and expense of the Customer (but
subject to the Shipyard’s lien referred to in clauses 2 and 7 hereof), to such other place
as the Shipyard shall decide there to lay berthed or unberthed under the direction of
her master and the Shipyard shall not be liable for any consequences thereby arising. If
for any reason, the vessel is not delivered to the Shipyard on the agreed date of
delivery, the Shipyard shall have the right to cancel this Agreement and to recover all
costs and expenses, which it has incurred in the performance of the Agreement up to
the date of cancellation, including but not limited to a cancellation free for dock space
booking and such sums payable to Sub-Contractors (provided they were incurred with
the Customer’s prior Agreement), and thereafter the Parties’ obligations under this
Agreement shall be at an end.
16. The time period for the Work agreed upon if any shall be counted on and from the
following day of the vessel’s arrival at the Shipyard’s premises provided however that
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the said time period shall not start to run unless or until the Customer has fulfilled all
his obligations under the Agreement including but not limited to payment obligations
under the Agreement prior to the Shipyard’s commencement of the Work. Should the
Customer fails to fulfill his contractual obligations in the course of the Work, The
Shipyard is entitled to suspend the Work until the obligations are fulfilled, without any
liability or responsibility for the maintenance of the vessel and any part of the Work
already executed and furthermore without prejudice to the Shipyard’s claim against
the Customer for any loss or damage or Work already executed and without prejudice
to the Shipyards rights stipulated in Clause 4 for suspension of Work.
Customer’s Supplies
17. Should there by anything to be supplied by the Customer in accordance with the
contractual specifications, the Customer shall deliver it to the Shipyard at such time
and place as agreed by both parties. Should the Customer’s supplies be delayed in
delivery so as to affect the Work being carried out, the Shipyard shall have the right to
claim for additional time and charges arising out of the delay of the Customer’s
supplies. Customer supplied items/equipment delivered to the shipyard for storage
until installation onboard the vessel shall be under the sole risk and responsibility of
the customer.
Customer’s Arranged Subcontractors & Vessel’s Crew
18. All the Customer’s arranged Sub-contractors will have to be security-cleared by the
Shipyard and shall ensure that all Sub-Contractors with whom it has entered into any
agreement shall observe and comply with all laws applicable directly or indirectly in
relation to all Work, services or good supplied under this Agreement. The Customerarranged
Sub-contractors and the vessel’s crew shall at all times be deemed to be the
employees of the Customer (collectively known as the “Customer’s Agents”) and not
the Shipyard. The Shipyard shall not be liable whatsoever to the Customer for loss or
damage to any property, injury to, illness or death of any person or persons, arising
out of or connected with the Work to be performed by the Customer’s Agents at the
time when they are on the vessel, or within the premises of either the Shipyard or its
Sub-contractors, or are otherwise engaged in and about the repair of the Vessel,
however so arising, unless however, such injuries including death, are caused by the
gross negligence or willfull misconduct of the Shipyard.
In the event of the damage of the Shipyard’s equipment by the Customer’s Agents,
the Customer shall be liable to the Shipyard to pay for all damages as well as for all
loss of income including consequential losses occasioned by the inability of the
Shipyard to carry out any of its ordinary functions as a result of the said damage to
the equipment.
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The Customer agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Shipyard
from against any claims, fines, and penalties brought against by the Customer’s
Agents, any and all losses as a result of such loss of or damage to property or injury
to, illness or death of any person or persons unless such claims or losses are due to
the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Shipyard.
The Customer shall ensure that its Agents comply with all statutory requirements of
Indonesia including but not limited to labour laws and maintenance of relevant
insurance polices for the Agents. The Customer also agrees that its Agents shall comply
will all the Shipyard’s rules and regulations including but not limited to safety and
health measures. The Customer agrees to adhere strictly to the rule of “No hot work to
be carried out by the Customer’s Agents.” The Customer agrees not to engage any
subcontractors to do work in the Shipyard unless such work is of a specialized nature
and cannot be performed by the Shipyard or its sub-contractors.
Old Materials
19. All old materials except heavy parts of machinery, propellers and tailshafts shall be the
Shipyard’s property after completion of the Work.
Application of Docking of Vessel
20. Whereas the vessel will be docked as far as possible accordingly to the priority of
applications, the Shipyard will not guarantee to dock a vessel on the date applied for.
Any agreed date of docking shall be subject to adjustment or change due to
unforeseen circumstances or unexpected underwater damage or defects found on
other ships on the dock of which immediate and continuous repair is deemed
necessary in the opinion of the Shipyard. The dock will also not reserved for the vessel
if for any reason the vessel fails to enter the same on the agreed date of docking. Also,
in the event a seriously damaged vessel requires immediate admission to the
Shipyard’s premises, the Shipyard may at its option admit such a vessel in priority to
any other vessel without incurring any liability for delay suffered by the vessel as a
21. The Customer shall ensure adequate insurance for the vessel (hull and machinery), her
crew and equipment onboard or other goods owned or held by the Customer including
protection and indemnity coverage against any and all risks or liabilities save the
Shipyard’s legal liability as a ship repairer.
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22a. If this Agreement becomes impossible of performance or is otherwise frustrated the
Customer shall pay to the Shipyard for the amount by which the actual cost (including
overhead costs) of Work done and materials bought before and up to the time
discharge of performances exceeds the aggregate of:
i. All sums paid by the Customer to the Shipyard hereunder before the time of
ii. The cost of making good any defective Work for which the Shipyard is
responsible, and
iii. Any sum payable by the Shipyard in respect of negligence or breach of this
Agreement within the limits herein specified.
22b. All sums payable but not paid to the Shipyard hereunder before the time of discharge
shall become payable. If the actual cost of Work done and materials bought is less the
aggregate of (i), (ii), and (iii) above, the Shipyard shall repay the difference to the
22c. If any of the Work carried out is destroyed or damaged due to the Customer’s fault but
this Agreement does not become impossible of performance and is not otherwise
frustrated, the Customer shall pay to the Shipyard, in addition to the price quoted, an
amount equal to the cost including overheads of making good the damage and
destruction for which Customer is liable.
Special Contract
23. Where special Contract in writing is entered into between the Shipyard and the
Customer and signed by both the parties the conditions herein shall nonetheless apply
but not only in so far as they do not conflict with the express provisions of such Special
Disputes / Governing Law
24. This Agreement and all other agreement and amendments pursuant to and relating to
this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law
and all any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including any
question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally
resolved by arbitration at the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (“SCMA”) in
accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the SCMA (“SCMA Rules”) for the time being
in force at the commencement of the arbitration, which rules are deemed to be
incorporated by reference in this clause.
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Price Revision
25. The Shipyard reserves the right at his absolute discretion to revise the prices quoted in
the offer and/or agreed upon in the event of changes occurring in the cost of labour,
material, or in any other cost factors before the completion of the Work.
Exclusivity of Work
26. Insofar as the Work is carried out in the Shipyard’s premises, the Customer shall not
cause other Work to the vessel to be done by any party or person other than with the
Shipyard’s prior written consent.
Escalation in Costs.
27. If there is any increase in costs to the Shipyard arising from a general increase in
wages, salaries rates, conditions of employment fluctuation in rates of exchange,
devaluation of any relevant currency, freight insurance or any other cause whether
similar to the foregoing or not during the period of Agreement to the Shipyard shall
have the right to increase its rates of charges accordingly which shall be paid by the

Price (S$)
Remarks - MV "VESSEL" - 100.58m x 18.6m x 9.8m (GRT: 4,986)
Dry-docking and General Services
To dock and undock barge including 1st dock in dock.
Subsequent day dock hire @S$ 445 per day or part thereof.
Dock preparation.
Wharfage, if required @S$ 125 per day.
Riggers assistance for mooring and unmooring @S$ 150 per move.
Tugs hire for docking and undocking only.
Tugs for berthing on arrival and unberthing for departure, if required @S$4,000 per move.
Pilotage from Batam Pilot Station to shipyard and vice versa to be arranged by Owner's local agent at Owner's account.
Provided of fire line @S$ 40 per line per day. Connection disconnection included.
Fire patrol only for day time and when hot-work activity is onboard during normal working hours @S$ 40 per day.
Arrangement of cooling water @S$ 40 per line per day. Connection disconnection included.
Gas free inspection by Shipyard personnel @S$ 40 per day.
Temporary working lights @S$40 per day.
Provide rubbish bin including disposal @S$ 40 per day.
Cranage for ship's store/provision only @S$ 60 per hour or part thereof.
Fresh water supply @S$ 10 per ton. Minimum charge 50 tons per operation.
Connection disconnection included.
Gang way at no charge.
Remove and refit manhole covers @S$45 each.
Renew gaskets @S$35 each
Renew broken studs/nuts @S$10 each.
Remove and refit bottom plugs @S$ 35 each.
Multiple outlets fan @S$75 per fan per day. Connection disconnection included.
PT. Marcopolo Shipyard - Quotation
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Provide portable generator set of 250 KVA, 440 V, 3 ph, 60 Hz and upto 200 Amp only inclusive of connection and disconnection @S$167 per day.
Diesel consumption, extra @S$1.10 per litre.
Pumping out water from tanks @S$2 per m3. Minimum charge S$360 per tank per operation.
Pumping out oily water including disposal @S$ 60 per m3. Minimum charge S$ 450 per operation.
Sea Water Ballast Tanks: Manual tank cleaning and mopping dry on bottom area only @S$10 per m3 tank capacity. Minimum charge 50m3 per tank. Disposal of mud extra @S$180 per ton.
Fuel Oil Tanks: Manual tank cleaning and mopping dry @S$ 18 per m3 tank capacity. Minimum charge 50m3 per tank. Disposal of sludge extra @S$ 450 per ton.
Repair Works
External Hull Blasting and Painting with Owner's Supply Paint
High pressure fresh water wash upto 3,000 psi with fresh water @S$ 0.70 per m2.
Hard scarping, extra @S$ 1.20 per m2.
Hose down with fresh water @S$ 0.25 per m2.
Wash down oil stains with owner chemical @S$ 6 per m2. Min. charge 200 m2.
Grit blast to SA2.0, extra @S$ 18 per m2.
Grit blast to SA1.0, extra @S$ 16 per m2.
Painting @S$0.70 per m2 per coat. Minimum for touch up coat is 50% of the full coat area.
To repaint draft, plimsoll marks, barge name and POR only.
Remove gratings, clean grating and sea chest, apply one coat of Owner's paint and refit @S$ 350 per chest.
To fit and remove wooden scupper plug to facilitate painting @S$ 25 each.
To protect hull anodes during painting, extra @S$ 3 each.
General Notes:
1. Owner to supply all paint and thinner.
2. Min charge for gritblasting is 300m2.
3. Exclude treatment in way of dock blocks' areas.
PT. Marcopolo Shipyard - Quotation
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Other Drydock items
Allow to range down, mark joining shackles and coat with Owner's paint. Based on 2 anchors.
Allow to clean and apply one coat of Owner's paint of chain locker. Based on 2 chain lockers. Disposal of mud/rusty scales extra @S$ 180 per ton.
Crop and renew Owner's supply 10 kg welded type hull anodes @S$22 per piece. Exclude access works.
To remove and install new ship name, por and IMO number @S$90 per letter/number.
Hanging Staging extra @S$400 per stage per location.
Tailshaft Work
To check clearance of tailshaft include removal of rope guard and staging. @S$590 per tailshaft.
To carry out disc-sanding on propeller. @S$550 per propeller.
To check clearance of rudder including staging. @S$490 per rudder.
To crop and reweld access plate @S$300 each. Renewal of access plate, extra S$100 only.
Steel Renewal please refer to attached
To crop and renew defective steel using preblasted and primed ABS Gr. A ship plates and mild steel sectionals. @S$5.20 per kg.
General remarks for steel renewal work:
a) Allnewsteel,allowforpre-blastedandprimedABSgrade‘A’shipplateorequivalentandmild steel sectionals. For high tensile steel, surcharge 35%.
c) Shipyardreservestherighttosubstitutehigherthicknesssteelavailableinthemarketincaseofnon-availabilityofactualthickness.Anydifferenceinweightwillbechargedextraonprorated basis.
d) Steelworkcalculationisbasedonmaxlengthxbreadthxactualfittedthicknessxsteeldensity of 8,000 kg/m3 plus 5% wastage.
e) Tank air testing, if required extra @ S$900/tank/test.
PT. Marcopolo Shipyard - Quotation
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f) Staging,removalsinwayforaccesstowork,cleaning,specialshoring,non-destructivetest, painting and access work are not included.
g) Surcharge for steel thickness less than 10 mm.
h) Staging will be charged extra as follows:
Tower staging min. chargeable size @ 2.4m L x 2.4m L x Height @ S$6/m³.
Min. charge S$250/stage.
Hanging staging @ S$14/m/plank.
Min. charge S$300/stage
Build up welding on hull external @S$45 per m per run. Min charge 2 m per location. Exclude access work.
UT Hull Gauging
UT gauging @S$2.80 per spot. Min. charge 200 spots per visit.
Exclude access work.
Sea Valves
To open up sea valves, clean for inspection, grind valve lids and seats (for globe valve only) and repack gland in situ only:
Globe valves @S$38 per inch bore per valve.
Gate valves @S$42 per inch bore per valve
Butterfly valve @S$57 per inch bore per valve.
Note: Min. charge 2 inch bore per valve. Exclude repairs, renewals, machinging and access work.
Pipe Renewal Work
Please see attached Pipe Renwal Tarif.
PT. Marcopolo Shipyard - Quotation
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