Thursday, February 11, 2016


 ......................For and on behalf of our CHARTERER

pleased to confirm that we are fully fixed with all subs lifted on the
following terms:

1.) MV …………………..
Full description as per attached
last 3 cargoes: Ply wood , potatos , Beechwood Owners guaranteed and
confirmed that:
Vessel shall remain covered with same Pandi Club and Hull underwriters
during the performance of this voyage.
All certificates are valid and will remain valid during the performance of
this voyage Vessel is ISM fitted and ISM regulations compliant.
Vessel is eligible for this trade.
Vessel is complying with ISPS code regulation.
Vessel is fully bulk fitted and suitable for Grab Discharge.
Vessel is Steel Floored
Vessel cranes are in good working conditions

2. one gsb always afloat in 1 gsp to be Damietta / Egypt to one to two gsb
always afloat in 1 gsp to be Ravenna / Italy Owners to check restrictions in
all ports and to satisfy themselves with those restrictions In case that
berth is occupied at arrival of vessel in any of the ports, Master has the
right to tender NOR w/w/w/w

3.) for a cargo of min 8,300 up to 8,600 mts in Charterers' option as
Min 6,000 up to 6,600 mts rock phosphate in bulk - stw 35 cbft/mt Min 2,000
up to 2,200 mts diammonium phosphate in bulk - stw 42 cbft/mt charterers
intention is to load the rock phosphate prior to the diammonium phosphate
preliminary stowage plan for 8,600 mts in appendix

4.) Laycan 25 / 29 March ……….
Vessel already discharging beech wood at Alexandria port ETC on
26/03/……….W/P, ETA to Damietta on 27/03/……… W/P , (Kindly note discharging
beechwood ops may take 2 days more as discharging in inner anchorage area)
ETC 26th March …….. , ETA Damietta 27th March ……….. , transit time to Ravenna
(5 Days )

5.) Cargo to be loaded at the rate of 1,500 mt per wwd of 24 cons hrs fshex
eiu (thur 12.00 / sun 08.00) both cargoes to be loaded with shore conveyor
belts or ships' gears in Shippers' option Cargo to be discharged at the rate
of 2,000 mts per wwd of 24 consecutive hours SSHEX eiu (fri 17.00/mon 08.00)
Laytime to be non-reversible


7. Rate of freight ……… USD/mt on intaken weight fiot
100 % freight payable less commission within 3 banking days into Owners'
nominated bank after s/r B/L marked "clean on board" and "freight payable as
per c/p" and reception of invoice per email in due time fde on completion of
loading dnrvaoclonl Master has the right to refuse unclean cargo in order to
sign clean B/L and same to be replaced at Shippers' time and expense.

8.) Demurrage: USD 7,000 pdpr/hdwts in loadport and fd in discharge port

9)Gencon 94 c/p with ttl 6,25% comm on freight, deadfreight and demurrage to be paid 2.5% ex Freight Payment. 
Plus 2.50% to AMG Chartering srl (for division with chrtrs exclusive)+ 0,625% handy chart ltd + 0,625% farida Shipping to be collected directly from Owners/Owners reps and paid on receipt of freight payment.

10.) all further terms, conditions, additional clauses, etc . to be as per
Charterers Pro Forma charter-party"MV Igor Ilinskiy dd  14.06.2010"
with the following alterations and amendments

Clause 20: In case that second load/discharge berth will be required at
loading/discharging port, shifting costs and time to be for

Clause 21: Delete "survey tug if any a loading port to be for owner's
account if holds survey is done at anchorage"

Clause 30: "In case of humidity over eighty per cent, same to be considered
as bad weather and time so lost not to count as laytime unless vessel on

clause 33: Delete "by not respecting above,Charterers cannot be held
responsible for all consequences resulting of lack of cargo  ,cargo
conditions,deadfreight etc "
All gears to be in working conditions and all holds/part of holds to be
accessible with ships' gears.

Cargo to be loaded with ships' gears and Cranemen/grabs to be employed from
shore at charterers/Shippers' expense. In case that the vessel is unable to
deliver due to malfunction of gear or lack of steam or Motor power or other
reasons due to Vessel/ Owners, the agreed discharging rate will be
calculated on pro-rata basis.

11.) Any taxes, dues, duties on vessel/flag/crew to be for Owners' account

12.) Any taxes, dues, duties  on freight/cargo to be for Charterers' account

13.) Extra insurance premium for overaged vessels to be for owners account;
as a contribution of max 2250 usd directly deducted from freight.